About Me

Does anybody even really read this section? Well, if you’re here then you must care about all of the little random details about the person who writes for this erratic blog. It’s the tidy little section where I shine a spotlight on myself and all of my accomplishments in life, all of the career and personal goals that I’ve achieved. Well, I’m 21. So the truth is, I haven’t really achieved much of anything.

If we want to get down to the nitty gritty I’m from a small town based around agriculture (have you heard of Tree Top?) where everybody either knows you or someone you’re related to.

I’m fairly addicted to writing and photography, always have been always will be. In fact, I was featured in an art gallery last year for a photograph of mine. I took it on my iPhone of all things. Go figure.

Moving on to family: I’m from a “normal” family that consists of abnormal people who I constantly wonder how we’re related, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I have three siblings who have brought four children into this world (two nieces and two nephews) who think it’s fun to pull me in several different directions during the fleeting free time I have with them. They are a highlight of my life, and one of the few reasons I’ll claim my siblings. (Just kidding, just kidding…)

I broke away from my hometown and got the heck out, so now I’m trapped behind a computer screen 8 hours a day working towards a degree in Journalism. Makes sense that I’m on a computer all day, doesn’t it? When I’m not stuck behind a keyboard for school I’m usually willingly behind one for fun, working on my personal writing or looking for new music that you’ve probably never heard of (yet).

So yep, if you made it to the end of this then you must really be bored and have absolutely nothing better to do or you’re extremely interested in who’s running this sometimes-well-maintained blog. Either way, thanks for sticking around!


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