Lakey Lens: Hype Life

Here. We. Go.

I figured going into this week that I would touch base a little more on who I am and what a typical day for me can look like in one of the most energetic offices that I have the joy of being a part of.

While I work for two different departments on CWU’s campus, the Publicity Center was the first place where I found not only a job that checked so many boxes on where I wanted to be professionally, but also where I developed my first true friendships at CWU.

This office is more than a workplace for me, it is a little haven filled with creative energy and incredibly talented individuals.

So without further ado, here’s a tiny slice of the “Hype Life.”

Hype Life

Although we don’t technically have assigned work stations at Hype, we tend to have our typical seating arrangements based on nothing but pure routine. However, on a typical Friday the office can get pretty crowded, so I stole a window seat that I normally wouldn’t have. Lucky for me Allie, our Wildcat Access Manager, was ready for a photoshoot at work.


Since there were absolutely zero spaces to sit prior to our weekly meeting, Jakob, my fellow Street Team Coordinator, improvised and took to the floor. Together, him and Aubrey (also a Street Team member) put together Valentine’s Day cards for our “Hype-y Valentine’s Day” event on Tuesday.


Gio, Street Team Coordinator, either just realized how many GoPlan tasks he has left to complete before he could begin his weekend, or the sunshine from the wall of windows became too much for him. Either way, he recovered quickly and went on to kick-butt on the weekly radio clip that the Street Team records for 88.1 The ‘Burg. dsc_0624

When Jakob and Aubrey weren’t looking, Kaitlyn (a graphic designer for Hype), thought it was necessary to steal a little bit of brainfood from the Valentine’s Day pile…dsc_0627

She also borrowed my camera and took this picture of Allie…dsc_0613

Even though this is only a fraction of the people that I get the pleasure or working with every day (and an even smaller fraction of the joy we share while working together), I feel as though this is an accurate slice of my office life.

We work hard, we rely on one another for support and guidance, and most importantly we have fun. Jokingly we call ourselves the “Hype Squad,” but I believe that we are more than that–we’re a family. And I wouldn’t trade any of it.  img_3806img_8645

Here’s to my Hype Squad, a constant in not only my daily work routine, but my daily life as well.


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